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Netflix's DVD division renamed 'Qwikster,' adds games-by-mail

Jordan Mallory

Netflix made waves a few weeks ago when it split its streaming and DVD-by-mail services into two separate plans with separate prices, but these measures were apparently more preparatory than reactionary, it seems. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has announced that the movie megalith's DVD-by-mail devision will be separated from its streaming services and spun off into its own company: Qwikster.

Qwikster, which will officially launch "in a few weeks," will be a completely independent entity from Netflix; the two services will not integrate in any way, meaning two different websites, two different accounts, and two different bills. What's truly out of left field, however, is the fact that Qwikster will also offer PS3, 360 and Wii titles by way of a "video game upgrade option" similar to Netflix's existing Blu-Ray upgrade system.

Despite the fact that Qwikster will be its own corporate entity with its own CEO, Hastings stresses that the transition is "merely a renamed version of the Netflix DVD website, but with the addition of video games." It will be interesting to see how the service fares without Netflix's all-powerful brand recognition, and what impact (if any) the change will have on other game-by-mail services like GameFly. For now, we just hope this news somehow translates into more SGT. Frog episodes getting added to Instant Play.

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