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Technology: Play Wii on an Android tablet with an Xbox 360 controller

Sure, it seems easy enough: Play your Wii games on an Android tablet with an Xbox 360 controller. Technology! But underneath that simple premise is a complicated reality. First, you need to run the Wii games on a PC using the open-source Dolphin emulator. From there, you're going to stream the video to the Android tablet using the Splashtop Remote Desktop HD app on Android. YouTuber Obiwan222222 tossed an Xbox 360 controller in, but it's unclear if he's controlling the tablet's VNC client with it, or the PC directly (we're guessing the latter).

If this sounds similar to GameStop's planned tablet, featuring Spawn Labs-powered retail game streaming, or OnLive's upcoming tablet "Player" software, we agree. Mostly, it seems like the future ... a laggy, buggy future but the future nevertheless. Technology!

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