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Dan Stahl leaving Cryptic, Star Trek Online

Jef Reahard

Cryptic executive producer Dan Stahl has vacated the Star Trek Online captain's chair, according to a brief farewell message posted on the title's official website.

Details on the departure are slim, with Stahl telling fans that he has "chosen to move on in my career and pursue new challenges." The resignation is the latest development in what has been an eventful summer for STO faithful, as Cryptic Studios was acquired by Perfect World Entertainment and Star Trek Online was subsequently slated to receive the free-to-play treatment.

Stahl goes on to say that he will be answering questions prior to his end-of-the-month beam out, and he indicates that STO will be in good hands thanks to the leadership of former lead programmer and current Cryptic CTO Stephen D'Angelo.

Look for more insight into this move in this Thursday's Captain's Log column.

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