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Firefall brings on Frag Dolls founder as head of e-sports division


Firefall has made no bones about its desire to fill the niche of a competitive e-sports game, but the team's most recent update certifies its sincerity on the matter. Red 5 Studios announced in a press release today that Morgan "Rhoulette" Romine, founder of the all-female gaming clan the Frag Dolls, has joined the team to head up Firefall's e-sports division.

Red 5 CEO Mark Kern said of the decision, "We're thrilled to have Morgan join the Red 5 'Tribe' and know that with her caliber of experience and deep community roots, Firefall is poised to take the world of e-sports to the next level." Morgan herself has high hopes for the game's e-sport potential, claiming, "I believe this game has awesome e-sports potential because Red 5 is committed to creating a competitive experience that is as fun to watch as it is to play." So if you're the competitive type, keep your eye on Firefall as it gears up for launch.

[Source: Red 5 Studios press release]

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