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GameFly expresses confidence as Netflix muscles in


GameFly is putting on a strong face as it prepares for its greatest competitor to the game rental space to date: Netflix. Well, the behemoth's disc distribution division is called Qwikster now -- a change that's taking folks some time to wrap their brains around -- but the fact remains: Netflix's distribution network is an efficient beast. It is a key aspect GameFly has struggled with over the years.

"GameFly has expanded steadily over the past nine years by focusing exclusively on video gamers. We are the only retailer offering games physically and digitally for both rental and purchase," GameFly responded in a statement when asked about Qwikster. "Gamers can try before they buy, choosing from new releases and classic titles that span the last decade. GameFly has more than 8000 games for 10 console and handheld systems to choose from, and over 1500 Windows/Mac games are available for download."

GameFly is preparing for the digitally distributed future with acquisitions like Direct2Drive, which will allow the company to add "Unlimited PC Play" for free to its service offerings this holiday.

"GameFly is the leading video game rental service, and we have continued to grow even as Blockbuster and Redbox increased their investment in console games."

Qwikster has yet to show how serious it is about the game space, nor has it given an idea about the price for its games 'n' flix service -- wait, that's probably not the best term to use.

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