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'Personalized Wireless' launching September 26th (update: it's Cellular South, and it'll be regional)

Darren Murph

Does America need another wireless operator? Is the MVNO boneyard really due for another? Are you eager for a carrier that adapts to your needs, and magically delivers "stuff" that matters to you? Have you watched Napoleon Dynamite with your closest friends within the past week? We can't promise that "Personalized Wireless" (or whatever it ends up being called) is destined to answer all of those inquiries, but it'll at least strive to formulate a logical response to one of 'em. A newly-aired teaser clip promises a network of a different color here in the States, and the company's product page (captured above) leads to believe that all will be revealed come September 26th. We're surmising that this has something to do with either Comcast or Clearwire given the token "C" logo at the end, but we'd be happy hear other opinions of the origin down in comments below. Vid's after the break, vaquero.

Update: We have it on good authority that the launch here relates to Cellular South's recent buyout of a number of southern cellular shops, with this being the merger of those. There aren't any details yet on what it'll mean for prospective customers in that region, but it seems -- at least for now -- that this won't be a national rollout.

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