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Star Supremacy enters the closed beta event horizon


If you have been looking for a space-themed online real-time strategy title, Star Supremacy may be the thing to quench your intergalactic thirst. In the game, three human factions find themselves at odds in the depths of space, and only by engaging in all-out warfare can a victor be declared. It's free, it's browser-based, and it's at a closed beta near you.

Star Supremacy announced that its closed beta program starts today and can be joined by any space pilot who happens to possess... the key. Where do you get... the key? It's actually not too hard, as the official site lists a slew of participating partners that will gladly give you one of their... keys.

The game is also giving away in-game currency and items to players who participate in one of four beta events. These rewards are designed to be incentives for good beta testing behavior, as they lure players into submitting bug reports, providing feedback, and promoting Star Supremacy.

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