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SWTOR's Damion Schubert pulls some ideas off the Wall of Crazy


Many of you have already heard Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert talk about the infamous Wall of Crazy. Schubert explains it as a wall full of sticky notes, each one with an idea someone somewhere would like to see implemented into Star Wars: The Old Republic. Most of these are extra game systems that have no direct impact on the core game, such as UI tweaks or minigames. At this point in development, the ideas on the Wall of Crazy have to stay on the Wall of Crazy until after launch. However, in a recent interview with TORWars, Schubert reveals that he was able to bump the priority of a couple of ideas so that we may actually see them at release:
Of particular note, the dressing room made it in (alt-rightclick to preview an equipment piece's appearance on you or your companion). The ability for group leaders to mark targets with symbols his party members can see just went in. We also have a couple of minor features we're putting in designed to make it easier for players to find and form groups -- features I'm more willing to talk about once we've vetted them as improvements to the game in general.
The obvious implications of marked targets should excite any raid leader, and perhaps the dressing room is the first step toward the fabled appearance tab. We will all find out for sure when the game launches -- when is that, again?

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