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Verizon not talking about Xbox TV service now, but 'stay tuned'


Bobbi Henson, Verizon's Director of Media Relations for "all consumer FiOS services, including TV, Internet and voice," didn't confirm the rumors that Verizon's FiOS TV service would be coming to Xbox Live, but she did write a long blog post talking about, basically, how awesome such a development would be. You know, if that happened.

"Because FiOS TV is such a powerful, interactive, cloud-based service," Henson said, "it is a natural match for devices like game consoles, and we've demonstrated our ability to blend FiOS with gaming systems at events like the Consumer Electronics Show." She added that while Verizon isn't announcing anything now, we should "stay tuned for the future!" But ... stay tuned to what? We don't have that TV service yet!

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