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XBLIG's 'They Bleed Pixels' features exp., Ponycorn crossover levels


Everyone frickin' loves Ponycorns, and Spooky Squid Games is no exception. The developer revealed that its upcoming XBLIG platformer They Bleed Pixels will feature a wonderful, entirely inappropriate crossover level designed by Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure creators Cassie Creighton and her father Ryan.

That's not even the least likely crossover. There's a level designed by journalist Mathew Kumar, based on his exp. Magazine, and "featuring black and white photocopy art, an extra rare copy of exp. minus two, and words like orotund, grandiloquent and turgid!" Other guest levels include one based on the unreleased XBLIG game Techno Ninja by Michael Todd, and one based on Golden Gear Games' Starfall.

If all this weirdness hasn't convinced you to watch the trailer, there's also a Ponycorns remix song by DJ Finish Him that you should really hear.

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