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Jeff Minter's first platformer 'GoatUp' hits iOS


Jeff Minter has been surprisingly prolific on iOS, releasing his fourth Llamasoft game on the platform. GoatUp is, like most Minter games, both arcade-style and ungulate-themed -- however, as a platformer, it's actually a first for Llamasoft.

It's a vertical jumping game in which you lead goats up a series of platforms, eating grass and kissing other goats to increase the size of your herd. It's not a strict technical platformer, as Minter explained on his blog. "I hate pixel perfect precision and that sphincter-tightening anxiety that goes with every move in such games," he said. "I wanted to be able to bounce around on my platforms like a tiny caprine nutter, not worrying that I might die if I fell more than two inches onto a lower platform or if my hoof hadn't been *right* at the very edge of the platform I just jumped off."

Should you find yourself in the mood to bounce like a caprine nutter, the game is available for $1.99 as a universal app.

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