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Addon Spotlight: Transmogrification made easy with MogIt


Each week, WoW Insider's Mathew McCurley brings you a fresh look at reader-submitted UIs as well as Addon Spotlight, which focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience: the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond -- your addons folder will never be the same.

Patch 4.3 might be coming sooner than we think, with this past week's torrent of information about the upcoming content, Dragon Soul. With it comes transmogrification, a new in-game system designed to let players have some flexibility and customization options when it comes to what armor they are wearing. Your stats will stay the same, but the look of your items can be changed over and over again. I'm a big fan of transmogrification and enjoy throwing together new armor sets and outfits in anticipation of this new feature.

Is there a way to make cataloging, wish-listing, and creating outfits even easier? Oh, you bet there is, through the wonderful world of addons. This week's workhorse is MogIt, your one-stop shop for creating outfits and checking out what gear looks like, creating a wishlist of gear to collect, and more. If you're nuts for transmogrification, then MogIt needs to be in your addon arsenal.


MogIt is an in-game reference for uncommon, rare, and epic items, showing you drop locations, what each piece looks like, and what other pieces match by approximate color. Putting together outfits for transmogrification has never been easier, especially with the color sorting feature. Every armor piece and weapon currently available for in-game acquisition is included in the addon, grouped together by similar model and expansion. You can filter items based on level, approximate color, which faction can obtain them, source, and even slot.


Since MogIt shows you in-game items on character models (and lots of them at once), you would assume the addon takes up a huge chunk of CPU and memory usage. Well, there are two saving graces that MogIt presents. First, you're not going to be using MogIt during raids or dungeons because really, don't you have something more important to be dealing with? (No, you don't.) Second, each set of armor and weapons are contained in a separate mini-addon that is loaded on demand when you are looking for specific types of weapons and armor. MogIt is my favorite type of addon -- modular.

Wishlists and drop locations

Have you been reading this Addon Spotlight and still yet waiting for the killer feature to get you to run out and immediately download MogIt? Here is the killer feature -- wishlists. Every character you have has a separate wishlist that you can add items to straight from the item browser. All you have to do is right-click any armor or weapon and it is automatically added to your wishlist, which is located in the top drop-down box. I fell in love with wishlists back with AtlasLoot, and now I've got an even better resource for transmog. When I hit the Auction House to look for new pieces on my wishlist, it is easy to add those items to the Auction House search bar.

Hovering over any item also shows your its drop location, making it easy to locate pieces and not have to go to Wowhead all the time. I love Wowhead, but it can get time-consuming to alt-tab out of WoW, type up your stuff, and find it, when you could have just hovered over the piece. There is an included URL to Wowhead, however, just in case you want to read comments about an item, etc.

Personally, MogIt is my new life-saver. I'm going to be all over transmogrification in patch 4.3, and there is no way I'm going in alone. MogIt is my little buddy, helping me every step of the way to fashion dominance. It's a no-brainer addon for anyone looking to put together some cool outfits.

Download MogIt at [Curse].

Mailbag? Mailbag.


I directed a tweet at you a week ago that you probably didn't see, so I'll email you instead because you mentioned an addon today that would go hand in hand with what I'm looking for-- a Spec saver. I find myself wanting to switch because more than two spec fairly regularly. Specifically, I have a Disc PVE spec, a Disc PVP spec, and a Shadow PVE spec. Going through and building my spec every time I want to switch to the one that isn't one of my current two is very cumbersome... is there ANYTHING out there that would assist in this?

-Baptism, Aerie Peak (US)
Thanks for the email. Tweets get lost sometimes, so I am sorry about that. One addon that I used to know of that would allow you to save lots of specs and templates was an addon called Talented, which I believe still works but hasn't been updated very recently. The core addon still works, however. You can import and export talent setups, apply entire specs to your freshly-wiped talents, and more. It seems like the addon for you.

Download Talented at [Curse].
Hello Mat,

I have a addon question. I have use TidyPlates for quite some time and I really love it. But with the no so new change on it, now I totally unable to keep the plate active ALL THE TIME, I don't wanna the plates to show just when I'm in combat or when I have a active target. I wanna always see the plate. This is very, very useful while I'm questing and with the plate on I can see the mobs behind a tree or structure. Do you have any advices o recommendation to how make that work in TidyPlates or for which addon should I change it.
You can actually force nameplates on by pressing V by default, which will turn on the plates and let you see them, even if TidyPlates is set to only show in combat. It's not the most complete answer to your question, but it lets you toggle nameplates whenever you want to.

See you guys next week!

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