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Blade & Soul's Dragon Forest zone showcased in 35-minute video

Jef Reahard

More Blade & Soul closed beta info is making its way around the web, and the latest bit of interesting comes courtesy of a lengthy zone preview video posted by the folks at Blade & Soul Dojo.

The whopping 35-minute clip takes viewers on a journey through the game's Dragon Forest zone from the recent Korean closed beta phases. The zone provides content through level 20 and features a remarkably diverse set of environments despite the fact that its name conjures images of your typical fantasy wood.

There is quite a bit of forest footage, of course, but there are also long stretches of pristine beach set off by towering cliffs, not to mention quaint fishing villages, spectacular waterfalls, and an archetypal dojo complete with dragon-adorned columns and various acolytes. The video is blessedly free of the modern rock soundtracks that typically accompany fan-made uploads; instead, it features snippets of Blade & Soul's original orchestral soundtrack. Feast your eyes (and ears) after the cut.

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