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iPhone, Android users concerned about security


According to a survey from the NPD group, iPhone and Android users have one thing in common - they are both concerned about the security of their mobile phones. About 40% of of iOS and Android users are concerned about credit card theft, mobile device hacking, and more.

Though people are aware of potential threats to their mobile phone, only a handful do something about it. The survey reveals that 25% of smartphone owners and 35% of iPhone owners have no idea how to secure their handset. Those that are aware of mobile security solutions, 25% won't install a security product because the software is too expensive.

This "ignorance is bliss" attitude may be sifficient for the time being as mobile security is in its infancy and real-world threats are minimal. As smartphones become a bigger target for hackers, the need for mobile security will likely increase to a critical level.

[Via Ars Technica, Chart from NPD]

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