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KDDI may get iPhone 5, putting an end to Softbank's exclusivity in Japan

Brad Molen

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The walls of tyrannical exclusivity may soon come crashing down in Japan. According to Nikkei, "officials" in the know have indicated that KDDI is gearing up to release the iPhone 5 on its network, thus ending competitor SoftBank's reign as the iconic device's sole provider in the Land of the Rising Sun. As we've come to expect in the days leading up to official Apple announcements, the details are incredibly scant. SoftBank, the third-largest carrier in the country, has been inching closer and closer to second-place KDDI with very little breathing room left; it's understandable, then, that the latter would be eagerly awaiting the end of iPhone exclusivity to make an agreement with Apple and boost its subscriber count. As it's all hearsay for the time being, we'll just have to wait a little while longer before we know every detail on the mystery device(s).

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