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New LotRO dev diary addresses upcoming Warden changes


Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard is only five days away now, but Turbine still isn't quite done with its pre-Isengard dev diary series. Today's entry focuses on the Warden class, which -- as Allan Maki puts it -- "is in a good spot, not a great one, but not really needing a complete revision or reimagining." Instead, the team is taking a look at some of the class' shortcomings to see where improvements can be made.

For instance, Wardens are quite underpowered when it comes to filling a DPS role in a group, and their rotation for doing so isn't exactly exciting. As a result, the spear skills Mighty Blow and Unerring Strike have been modified to provide the Warden with more DPS utility while also giving the class a more exciting rotation.

Next up is a matter of building, dumping, and maintaining threat. Three new skills have been added to the Warden's gambit system, and each of them fixes one of these problems. Deflection will rapidly drop threat on the Warden, Aggression allows Wardens to quickly absorb threat from nearby Fellowship members, and Never Surrender allows Wardens a five-minute window wherein they cannot be defeated, and if their morale drops below 5%, they will be healed to 75% health and 50% power.

The Warden's lack of any sort of stun immunity is the third issue to be looked at. To remedy this situation, at level 74, Turbine is granting Wardens the ability Shield Tactics, which is a new gambit that provides the Warden with stun immunity for 10 seconds.

The team is also introducing a new feature called Potency to the class. Potency is a combat state that has a chance to be activated whenever a simple gambit (Goad, Deft Strike, and Defensive Strike) is used. Once a Warden has entered the Potency state, he can then commit one of his gambits to Battle Memory, which will allow him to use that gambit on command throughout the battle, though at the cost of Morale rather than Power.

For the full, intricate details on the changes coming to the Warden class, head on over to the dev diary and give it a read-through.

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