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Take to the skies with MapleStory Ascension


Rise up, MapleStory players! The new Ascension update is coming on September 28th, and it's bringing players a wealth of new features to enjoy. Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen are all receiving class revamps that update the classes with "new strength and new looks."

Players can also band together to take on the challenges of Spiegelmann's Monster Park, which grants an extra 50% experience for parties as well as higher drop rates. For the lovebirds in the crowd, the team is implementing new wedding quests. Meanwhile, team players are being given three new party quests as well as six updated ones, and the rewards from party quests are "more lucrative than ever." To top it all off, a new event calendar has been added to the game, so players will always be up to date on current events.

To get in on all the Ascension action, head on over to the official site and register for an account.

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