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Chocobos, airships, and materia somehow weren't in Final Fantasy 14 yet


A series staple is being added to Final Fantasy XIV: Chocobos. A year after release, players can now purchase and rent the birds for the purpose of traveling across Eorzea. Three Chocobo stables have opened up in-world, in which you can get your very own Chocobo whistle.

If that's not efficient enough, or Final Fantasy-y enough, you can also now take an airship ride between any of three ports. "Departure and arrival cutscenes will accompany each flight," Square Enix said. "The voyage itself, however, will be over in a matter of seconds." Now that's Final Fantasy. A later update will allow players to roam the decks and view the scenery.

Even materia is returning to the series in the latest update, as a resource crafted from old, well-used equipment. It's as if Square is desperately trading on nostalgia to attract FF7 players to its MMO.

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