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EVE contest winners announced, free Aurum for everyone


Back in July, EVE Online developer CCP Games opened a visual museum of EVE artwork, screenshots, and videos to record the game's ongoing history. Players were invited to upload their work to the site in exchange for entry into a huge contest, with 20 Nvidia graphics cards and an expensive Alienware laptop to be won. Players voted for their favourite videos and pictures on the website during August, and the winners were officially announced on Thursday.

The grand prize of an Alienware gaming rig went to Tez Saurus of Test Alliance for his video I Love New Eden, which received a massive 1800 votes (almost 1000 votes more than the next-most-popular video). The song beat legendary videos like Clear Skies III, War Has Come, and the popular official trailer EVE: A future Vision from 2011's Fanfest.

At the start of August, CCP gave every active EVE account 1000 free Aurum to spend on Incarna clothing as a thank-you for sharing EVE museum pictures and videos on Facebook. The second sharing milestone for the visual museum was reached this week, and all active EVE players will soon receive 1500 Aurum free of charge. As clothing bought with Aurum can be sold on the normal in-game market, this is a big financial boost to new players. The total value of the Aurum being distributed is around $1.75 million US.

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