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Samsung accuses Apple of 'free riding' its patent technologies


Samsung's head of global marketing has spoken with the AP recently, and says that he believes Apple is "free-riding" on the company's patents, building phones and touch devices that apparently are unduly influenced by Samsung's inventions. No more Mr. Nice Guy, though -- Lee Younghee, also a senior vice president at Samsung, says they won't let Apple get away with it any more, and will more aggressively pursue Samsung's patent interests in the future.

It's hard to see how the battle could get any more rough -- Apple started off by suing Samsung over its Galaxy phone and the similarity to Apple's iPhone, and then Samsung fired back, later dropping the patent battle in the US. And Samsung has already said that it plans to try and block Apple's iPhone 5, if and when it's announced, in South Korea. Not to mention that the company just recently filed a suit against Apple in France as well.

So there's obviously no love lost between these two companies already. But Samsung clearly thinks Apple's violating some patents, so expect even more animosity in the future.

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