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Splashtop will bring remote desktopping to your TouchPad

Sharif Sakr

There's a burgeoning population of users who can't live without Splashtop's remote Windows app for Mac, iOS and Android. Now there's a new version in the works that'll let you telecompute from your TouchPad too. The official blog says the launch is "getting close" and it's offering the app free if you manage to persuade a bunch of other TouchPad users to register their interest. In fact, we can't help but notice that some guy called Tim has already signed up 2,508 of his mates. We don't know who Tim is, but we want to be just like him when we grow up.

Update: Tim, the man with a commanding lead in the chart above, contacted us to say he asked Splashtop to remove him from the contest. He initially used the referral link in a post on PreCentral, not realizing that the company would be giving out the software to the top referrers. So, Tim is out, and now rawonthego is the man with the target on his back.

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