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SWTOR companions detailed in new video, interview

Jef Reahard

So, who wants to learn about companions? No, not that kind (and more's the pity). We're talking about the traveling chums BioWare is providing for your savior-of-the-galaxy in its upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic science-fantasy opus.

A new video and interview at Gamespot has all the companion-related info that's fit to print -- or compress into a seven-minute clip and throw on a file server, to be more precise -- and game director James Ohlen has a lot to say about companion customization, gameplay mechanics, and the fact that your computer-controlled co-stars "are going to be a significant innovation to MMORPGs."

While the recent brouhaha over same-gender companion romance generated much rancor both in and out of the SWTOR community, BioWare steers clear of the topic here and focuses squarely on the launch-day features. Have a look at the video after the cut, and head to Gamespot for the interview text.

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