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Play Uncharted 3 at an AMC theatre, get an early copy


Live in San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles or Washington DC? Want a chance to play and (own) Uncharted 3 nearly two weeks early? If so, you might be interested in an upcoming event at your local AMC Theatre.

From October 18 through 20, AMC theatres in the five cities listed above will be hosting a special event, during which fans will get a chance to play Uncharted 3 in 3D on the big screen. General admission is $25, but those who spend $60 on the "premium pass" will also get an early copy of the game.

There is a catch, however, namely that said early copy will be "shipped to customer on 10/25/11." In other words, no one leaves the event with a physical copy in their hot little hands and there's really no guarantee the game will actually arrive early. But hey, it's probably the only chance you'll have to see Nathan Drake on the silver screen for quite some time.

Head to the AMC website for more details.

[Thanks, Vallanthaz]

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