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Watch some people who are better than you play TF2 and Counter-Strike today


Another lazy Saturday, another attempt at browsing Netflix (or waiting for your Qwikster DVDs, you neanderthal), more multicolored bowls of Fruity Pebbles. If you want something more exciting than Ip Man and a sugar rush this weekend, check out the Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike ESEA Season 9 LAN Finals right here, live from Dallas, Texas. The Finals will crown a champion tomorrow, where all winning teams will get a split of the $67,000 pot. Not too shabby for a well-timed frag.

Day 2 - Saturday, September 24 - Starting at 10:00am CST

10:00am Sign-on, introduction, and Day 2 preview
UR 2 - 2 (CS 1.6) 10:30am - UMX vs. Backfire
UR 1 - 2 (TF2) 1:00pm - Classic Mixup vs. Experiment
LR 1 (CS:S) 3:00pm - Losers of x6/Dynamic vs. FT/ForbiddeN
UR 2 (CS:S) 5:00pm - TBD match-up
LR 3 (CS 1.6) 7:00pm - TBD match-up
UR 3 (CS 1.6) 8:30pm - TBD match-up
LR Finals (TF2) 10:30pm - TBD match-up
Sign-off 11:30pm Day 3 preview

Day 3 - Sunday, September 25 - Starting at 9:30am CST

Sign-on 9:30am Introduction and Day 3 preview
Finals (CS:S) 10:00am Grand Finals
Finals (CS 1.6) 12:30pm Grand Finals
Sign-off 2:30pm LAN recap

*"CST" does not stand for Counter-Strike Time. If you're still confused, convert CST to your local time here.

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