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Mysterious Gears of War 3 maps revealed by leaderboard, no you can't play them

Jordan Mallory

Gears of War 3 may not see its first infusion of downloadable goodness until November, but the xenophobic chainsaw sculpting simulator may have already given us a glimpse at the battles yet to come: Tucked away in the leaderboards are listings for three unannounced and currently inaccessible maps: Rustlung, Azura, and Blood Drive.

Now, we're not entirely prepared to call this thing a duck, despite its rather convincing quacking. These maps could be part of a future DLC pack, true, but they could just as easily be developer levels used for testing; maps which will never, ever be released to the public. For now, all we can do is wait, and speculate.

[Thanks, Laurence!]

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