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The Cluckshot is Gears of War 3's fabulous hidden weapon, here's how to get it

Jordan Mallory

Standard issue anything is such a drag, you know? These days, you have to accessorize and customize just to get noticed on the battlefield, and even then it's become such a chore to stand out while staying alive. Sure, golden Lancers are cool and everything, but experienced COGs know that flashy blinged-out weapons only exist to give away your position and get you killed.

What's a Gear like you to do, then? Well friend, take it from the fashionistas over at GameFront: Chickens are the new black. Their helpful how-to video (above) details every little thing you need to do in order to unlock the Cluckshot, Gears of War 3's avian-themed (and rather literal) easter-egg weapon. With this trendy new weapon, you'll be the cock of the walk, and those fashion-backward Locusts will have egg on their faces!

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