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'Watch' Sdatcher in English right here


A group of heroic fans has begun the work of making Suda 51's Sdatcher, the Snatcher-inspired radio drama, available to Anglophone fans. A fan-subtitled version of the first installment has been posted to YouTube -- in English and Spanish -- allowing us to check in with Jean Jack Gibson, a "JUNKER" agent tasked with finding and destroying humanoid robots (Snatchers) who have infiltrated human society.

This first episode is a sort of futuristic police procedural, with Gibson and his robotic partner "Little John" (played by Hideo Kojima) chatting amiably and going for lunch in Neo Kobe's Chinatown as they conduct an investigation.

We can't help but wish we were seeing what was going on as we listen to this ... and that we were playing it. Thankfully, Akira Yamaoka's music does an admirable job of dropping us into the kind of cyberpunk future-'80s dreamed up in the original game.

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