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Bethesda vs. Mojang: 'Scrolls' case going to court

Justin McElroy

So ... no Quake 3 then?

Despite Notch's offer to engage in deathmatch against a team of Bethesda's choosing over the matter, it seems that the battle for use of the "Scrolls" name will take place in court instead. As the Mojang boss tweeted, "The Scrolls case is going to court! Weee! :D"

If you remember, Bethesda claimed that Mojang's upcoming collectible card game, Scrolls, was too close in (trademarked) title to the publisher's Elder Scrolls series of games. Mojang business developer Daniel Kaplan called the suit "really silly" while speaking with Gamasutra, but said that, in the worst case scenario, Mojang would be forced to change the title.

Since a name change would be the toxic leftovers from this legal wrangling, we'd suggest changing the name to "Fallout." You can thank us later.

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