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Daily iPhone App: Cardflick


Over the years since the iPhone first appeared on the scene, there have been several attempts to create business card apps that let you exchange contact details with friends or strangers by bumping their iPhones together (Bump, free) or tapping a button (myCard, US$0.99 or Fliq, free). One issue with these apps is that they usually require both people to have the same app installed. Now a new biz card app, Cardflick (free), has arrived on the scene.

Like those other apps, Cardflick works best if both you and the recipient of the card you're sending have the app. But you can also send a card to someone who doesn't have Cardflick installed on their iPhone. Using the Cardflick app, you gain access to a "card file in the cloud" that stores your card design and information. When you send the business card to someone without the app, they see exactly what your card looks like and receive a vCard attachment that can be used to add your contact info to Address Book.

Gallery: Cardflick | 5 Photos

Since there are other apps of this type that are already available, what makes Cardflick so compelling? The card themes -- they are very attractive and easy to change, and I have a feeling that more are on the way. Adding your info to a card takes just a few minutes, since the app just takes the basic info such as phone number, email, and website. When you're in a room with other people who have the app, you'll see a count of how many people you're sending the card to (the app uses location services to determine who is in the area). With a flick of the card, it appears on the other iPhones.

Cardflick is a snap to set up, good looking, and easy to use. Oh, and did I mention it's free? Be sure to check out the gallery for some screenshots of Cardflick in action.

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