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Epic Games shares tips on playing Infinity Blade


Just in case you haven't mastered the great Infinity Blade game for iOS, Epic Games has posted some (spoilery, but the game's been out for quite a while now) tips over on its official blog. They start off with the best damage you can do for each kind of hit, and then move on to tips on specific enemies and how and when to block at just the right times. You may have figured some of this out in your normal playthroughs, but even if you're an amazing Infinity Blade player, there's probably something in here you'll find useful.

If you haven't picked up this Epic (literally) game yet, it's available in the App Store right now for $5.99 as a universal app. I would say you might as well keep waiting a bit longer, though -- it seems like there are sales on this one all the time, so odds are that if you're patient, you can get it for a little cheaper. That said, it's an excellent title that's well worth the money anyway, so if these tips intrigue you enough to want to play it, you might as well pick it up.

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