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Turbine celebrates Rise of Isengard's launch with monsters and movies


"The more we pretend that Middle-earth is safe, the blacker the enemy's shadow grows," an ominous voice proclaims at the start of the Rise of Isengard launch trailer. While Lord of the Rings Online's third expansion was officially slated to be released today, Turbine jumped the gun and got it out yesterday afternoon -- complete with patch notes.

We'll be digging deep into Rise of Isengard this week on Massively, including broadcasting it on Massively TV and analysing the first few days of play in the next Road to Mordor column.

To celebrate Rise of Isengard's arrival, Turbine is treating its fans to an inspirational launch trailer and several new screenshots demonstrating the fearsome might of Saruman's forces. You know the drill: screenshots below, trailer after the jump!

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