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Asymco graphs Apple's performance under Steve Jobs


Asymco always has great graphical analysis of Apple's performance, and the site's latest is no exception. Dirk Schmidt has analyzed Apple's market cap during the Steve Jobs era, and the graphs show just how dramatic Apple's turnaround was during Jobs's time as CEO.

At the beginning of Jobs's tenure, Apple's market cap was lower than every one of its competitors. But after an average 42 percent increase in market cap from 1997 to 2011, Apple became the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world.

Asymco's second graph, which shows Apple's of combined market cap among its competitors, shows how dramatic an effect Apple has had on the tech sector. Almost everyone is getting squeezed by Apple's ascendancy, but it seems Microsoft has been hit hardest of all; the company that Windows built has gone from over 50 percent of the market cap share down to measurably less than Apple's share.

If you're a graph junkie, definitely head over to Asymco and check out their analysis for yourself.

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