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European trademark suggests Yakuza: Of the End coming to the west as 'Yakuza: Dead Souls'


Sega's Daisuke Sato hinted to us during TGS that Sega might be thinking about localizing Yakuza: Of the End. We now have another hint in the form of a European trademark. Just yesterday, Sega filed "Yakuza: Dead Souls," a better, more natural-sounding potential subtitle than "Of the End."

There are a few other unlocalized Yakuza projects -- Yakuza Kenzan, the PSP Black Panther and its sequel, and a mobile game for GREE -- but "Dead Souls" is a more fitting name for the zombie shooter Of the End than for any of those, and thus the most likely use of the "Dead Souls" name. We're checking with Sega, in the hope that it'll confirm the transplant of a zombie-filled Tokyo to America and Europe.

[Thanks, George.]

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