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Gamasutra tracks down creators of Colony Wars

Justin McElroy

Like all sane people, Isaiah Taylor has a fondness for the PSX's Colony Wars series. But where most of us are content to pine for a bygone era around the back tables of the same old man bars we've inhabited for years, Taylor has made use of his devotion. In a new Gamasutra piece, he tracks down some of the key members of the Psygnosis team that created the game as they share their memories of the operatic space shooter's development.

Perhaps most interesting for series stalwarts like us is just how little experience the team had with the genre before digging in. The fantastic score, for example, was just the second orchestral piece composer Tim Wright had ever written.

And no, before you ask, there's no hint of a fourth Colony Wars in the works, though most of the team says they'd be up for it if the opportunity came along and, most importantly, the public cried out for it. Speaking of which, can someone explain why protesters are occupying Wall Street when there's a real opportunity for positive change right here?

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