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iLuv WorkStation dock is for serious iPad typists


I'll be brutally honest: The iLuv WorkStation doesn't exactly win a lot of points for beauty -- it's a bulky device, as you can see above. But what it's lacking in subtlety, it tried hard to make up for in functionality, basically turning your iPad (or Samsung Galaxy, if you happen to swing that way) into a full-sized desktop computer. Plug the iPad in, and you get a tilting and rotating bracket, a keyboard (different models run with a connected or wireless Bluetooth keyboard), and a full set of speakers.

If you need a dedicated station for your iPad, this doesn't look like a bad choice. Just make sure you have plenty of room on your desk. The models run from US$50 to $180, and all of the units are available on iLuv's website right now. Expect them in retail stores later this month.

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