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'Squids' sinks into iOS on Oct. 13


Squids, a colorful RPG in which you get to fling cephalopods, will arrive on the iOS App Store on October 13. Developed by The Game Bakers, a pair of Ubisoft veterans, Squids already appeared polished when we got some time to check it out at Gamescom.

In Squids, you recruit a team of the titular creatures to discover and stop the source of an ooze spreading throughout the sea, with each member of the team holding a different power. The turn-based combat occurs on vibrant, richly detailed maps, with players stretching the squids back and flinging them into creatures infected by ooze, like in a game of pool or bocce. And yes, there are giant enemy crabs.

The game was previously announced for PC and Mac as well, but there's no update on those launch dates. Check out several Squids character trailers after the break.

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