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Huawei Honor gets video run-through, manages to hold the mobile court's attention


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Sure, it may not grab headlines like a new iPhone or Google phone but that's not to say we're utterly uninterested in seeing a bit more of Huawei's forthcoming top-drawer handset. Now confirmed to play friendly with US radio frequencies, the single-core 1.4GHz Honor has been given a full video run-through. Techblog posits a December launch and a €300 ($400) price-tag -- not exactly the bargain basement prices we've come to expect from Huawei, but with a 4-inch touchscreen, DLNA abilities, an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a substantial 1900mAh battery, it looks like you'll get what you pay for. Catch the video after the break to judge for yourself.

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