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Shazam offers unlimited free tagging to iPhone app


Users of Shazam, the popular iOS app that allows people to discover what song is playing on the radio, television, or almost anywhere, will be happy to hear that Shazam is offering unlimited free tagging in its iPhone app. Shazam allows users to simply hold up their iPhone while a song is playing, which the app will then identify, or tag.

Previously, Shazam users got five free song tags a month and if you wanted more you had to pay for the Shazam Encore service. Now however, iPhone users get unlimited free song tagging. Shazam is offsetting their Encore revenue by partnering with Capital "What's in your wallet?" One. So expect plenty of ads. But hey, I'd rather be able to identify any song I hear at any time and see come credit card ads rather than having to shell out for a subscription to tag music.

Shazam is a free download in the App Store.

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