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The Cursed Crusade pushed back two weeks to October 25


Better sheathe that sword and oil up your armor or whatever it is you do to keep armor clean and operational: Atlus has announced The Cursed Crusade will be arriving on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC two weeks later than originally intended. The new launch date is October 25. This is where we'd make a joke about curses but that's too obvious for us. But hey, at least it's still a budget title, so that's something, right?

The Cursed Crusade takes place in the Middle Ages during the titular Crusades -- the fourth one, to be exact. Two cursed individuals, Denz and Esteban, are fighting to save their souls from the Templar's Curse, which threatens to "accelerate their descent into hell, burning their humanity away as it engulfs the space around them in demonic flame."

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