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EA Legend analytics announced, will assist advertisers in EA games


EA has announced a new service called EA Legend, designed not for consumers but to provide marketers with information about how players are using and engaging with EA products and their related advertisers. For example, EA would be able to provide advertisers with information about their users on iOS apps, Facebook games, and even online and other console games where advertising takes place, and those advertisers and marketers would then be able to figure out when and where best to reach the audience they want.

EA's Senior VP of Global Media Solutions Dave Madden says that the company has increased its reach by 30% in the past year, and that EA Legend will help advertisers break that audience down, and give them "actionable insights across all of our platforms and a complete view into how their campaigns are driving engagement with consumers."

In other words, EA's got your eyeballs, and EA Legend will help advertisers buy them. EA is premiering the service at next week's Advertising Week conference in New York City.

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