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FCC Fridays: September 30, 2011

Brad Molen

We here at Engadget tend to spend a lot of way too much time poring over the latest FCC filings, be it on the net or directly on the ol' Federal Communications Commission's site. Since we couldn't possibly (want to) cover all the stuff that goes down there, we've gathered up all the raw info you may want (but probably don't need). Enjoy!


Read - Alcatel OneTouch 910A
Read - Fujitsu F02D
Read - Fusion Garage Grid 4
Read - Haier HG-M508
Read - Haier HG-Q100
Read - HTC PH39100 (Holiday)
Read - Huawei C8512
Read - Huawei G5510
Read - Huawei U2801
Read - Huawei U5100
Read - Huawei U8350
Read - Huawei U8600
Read - Huawei U8800 Pro
Read - LG L-01D
Read - LG T565
Read - Mobo KRAZE
Read - Motorola P56MD2
Read - Motorola WX306
Read - Nokia 603
Read - Samsung GT-B5510
Read - Samsung GT-I8150
Read - Samsung GT-I9220
Read - Samsung GT-P6810
Read - Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
Read - Virgin Mobile JukeB

Tablets and peripherals

Read - Huawei E173Z-6 USB stick
Read - Samsung GT-7300B
Read - ZTE Smart Tab 7
Read - ZTE Smart Tab 10

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