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If Doctor Lautrec is delayed on 3DS and you have a cold, what is √345 + 18?


The doctor is not in -- suffer on your own and in silence, 3DS players. Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights has been delayed until Dec. 6. Doctor Lautrec was originally slated for a Nov. 13 release on 3DS, but Konami has sent out emails confirming the delay and Amazon has updated its page accordingly. You know how these doctors are; he's probably stuck at a conference, or performing last-minute open-heart surgery, or -- oh. He's an archaeologist? Well, then we hope he isn't doing that heart surgery thing.

While you wait for Doctor Lautrec to launch, take your sickness away and play another handheld game involving puzzles and a super-smart dude in a trench coat and top hat. To make it challenging, we won't even tell you what this mysterious other game is called. Good luck, professor doctor.

[Thanks, JC!]

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