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MadCatz's Tritton Detonator now shipping, detonating

Jordan Mallory

We've all been there: It's 3 am, the guys you share your tiny studio apartment with are zonked out after a hard day's hack-sackin' down on the quad, but you'll be awake for another 6 hours, at least. Now, thanks to the Tritton Detonator from MadCatz and Microsoft, your bitter, sleep-deprived roommates will only hear the sound of your frantic stick waggling and trigger flicking, as opposed to the gunfire and chainsaws they normally have to deal with.

The Detonator is the first in a series of official 360 headphones, and its $80 entry fee delivers a USB cord, stereo sound, a detachable boom mic, voice monitoring capabilities and an in-line volume control for the whole kit-n-caboodle. Its big brother, the wireless, Dolby 7.1 rocking WarHead, is still reportedly on track for a holiday release, although we expect that model to cost a bit closer to the self-imposed $300 limit MadCatz mentioned when the headphones were announced.

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