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PSA: Uncharted 3's multiplayer available at Subway

Jordan Mallory

As part of Subway and Naughty Dog's remarkably confusing partnership, the Taste for Adventure campaign, purchasing one of Subway's specially-marked 30 ounce soda-pops will earn thirsty sammich-seeking patrons One Free Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Mode.

No, for real; buy a drink with Nathan Drake's rugged mug on the side, and you'll be given a PSN code for access to the "full competitive multiplayer experience" through the rest of October. As explained by the above video, participating in the event can earn you exclusive items and abilities like the "foot-long taunt," and multiplayer maps have also be sprinkled with "exclusive Subway items" that reveal additional content.

Look, we're not going to pretend this isn't completely ridiculous, but it's also hilarious in a mind-boggling, non-sequitur way. In fact, stuff like this is probably the future of product placement, so don't be surprised when the Hamburglar turns up in SoulCalibur 5.

[Thanks, CQ!]

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