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    Daily iPad App: Showtime Social


    Showtime Networks recently released a social iPad app that'll let you explore Showtime's lineup of movie and television programs and share what you find with your Facebook or Twitter friends. The app has trailers, webisodes, photos and more from Showtime's movie and popular television shows like Dexter and Homeland. Not surprisingly, the app also lets you find and sign up for Showtime service.

    It's a social app that aggregates all the tweets and Facebook status updates in a stream that appears on the right side of the display. You can respond via those social networks and add your own real-time reaction with four preset emotions: happy, sad, shocked or angry. At the end of each show, this information will be compiled into a timeline that summarizes people's reactions to the program.

    Besides the preview and social features, Showtime Social includes scheduling information so you can view the TV show and movie lineup for the next couple of hours or the next few days. You can also use iOS's notification feature to remind you when a program is about to begin. This app serves as a sneak peek into Showtime's programming and will be an excellent compliment to Showtime's upcoming Showtime Anytime, a TV Everywhere service expected to launch in the next few weeks.

    The Showtime Social app is available for free from the App Store.

    [Via Engadget]

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