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iPhone 4 users begin selling back old units


iPhone 4 owners are starting to sell their used units as Apple prepares to announce its successor. It's a common practice -- sell the "old" tech to help finance the new -- and one Boston-based electronics retailer is already experiencing a significant uptick in smartphone trade-ins and iPhones being offered for sale.

Gazelle's Anthony Scarsella says the current iPhone sell-back is "much more aggressive" than it was when the iPhone 4 was released. Scarsella told The Street that 4,500 people tried to sell their iPhones last week, an increase of nearly 30% from the prior week. If those rates continue, he expects Gazelle to see more than 20,000 customers try to sell iPhones to Gazelle via the web. That would represent 10 times what the company saw with the iPhone 4 transition.

Of course, there are several online vendors willing to buy back your old iPhone. NextWorth is one that I've used, and ReCellular is also offering buy-backs.

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