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Report suggests iOS hit all-time market share high


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Last week, TUAW reported on the recent rise in the market share of Mac OS X. The numbers, compiled by Net Applications, show a rising acceptance of Mac OS X in the global marketplace. Now Net Applications is reporting that iOS has hit an all-time market share high of 54.65 percent.

As you can see from the chart above, iOS has been slowly but surely gaining market share, mostly at the expense of the Java ME and Symbian mobile operating systems. Android has been steadily gaining share as well; in less than a year, Android's share of the mobile OS market has risen from 10.27 percent up to 16.26 percent. That gain, while less dramatic than what iOS accomplished, is still quite steady and demonstrates that flooding the market with a plethora of devices from different manufacturers is just as effective as one really good device from a single manufacturer at gaining market acceptance.

Net Applications provides usage share statistics by compiling information on which browsers are used to access various websites.

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