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HTC Titan, Radar on sale now at Phones4U, blow a raspberry at 'launch date' nonsense


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Whether you're a spendthrift or just happened to be down at the shops, Phones4U had an extra early bird special this past weekend. Turns out the mobile retailer had received stock of both the HTC Titan and Radar ahead of the planned October 7th launch date, and did what any good commercial enterprise would -- they put'em up for sale. If you're down with carrier chains, you can snatch both handsets in-store or online gratis, with a contracted monthly fee on Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone (for the Titan only). For the no SIM attached route, you'll have to practice a wee bit more patience, and wait until this Friday when Clove will offer the Mango phones at full price -- £489 and £329, respectively. Statesiders, take a deep breath, your crack at this first wave of Windows Phone 7.5 devices is close at hand.

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