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Namco's 'Rise of Glory' is one of the first iOS 5 games, launching alongside new iPhone


When Apple holds its big iPhone presser later today, one of the titles it'll be featuring as a showcase for the next iteration of iOS will be Namco's WWI-based dogfighter, "Rise of Glory." Despite being previously given a late September launch date, the game will now arrive "whenever Apple's next iPhone launches," Namco reps told me.

And not only will it arrive with some extra juice from the new tech, but it'll also have all the bells and whistles that iOS 5 adds to Apple's suite of iOS-powered devices, such as iCloud and AirPlay support -- as well as a few other new additions from iOS 5 that Namco couldn't speak about just yet.

I played the game briefly this morning at a Namco preview event on an iPad 2. Reps explained that it had been developed for iPad 2, the idea being that speculation on the next iPhone has it packing the tablet's A5 chipset (or something even more powerful). As the video above can attest to, Rise of Glory is a dogfighting game with tilt controls and some pretty swanky graphics. When it does eventually arrive on the App Store, it'll be available for a variety of iOS devices, but it'll shine on the still unannounced iPhone ... something.

Update: Apple's iPhone 4S has been unveiled, albeit accidentally, and is said to launch in Japan on October 14, with an expected launch in North America and Europe later that week.

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