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Camera or camcorder? JVC's hybrid GC-PX10 wants to be both


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This curiously shaped fellow, with its long-barreled lens attached to a svelte body, might look familiar. It's JVC's GC-PX10, the camcorder that's also a camera. Or the camera that's also a camcorder. We're not quite sure, but here's what we do know: it'll shoot 1080p video at 60 fps, writing to SDXC or 32GB of internal memory. And it can also capture 8.3-megapixel stills at 60 fps without dropping out of video mode. If you've got the time and the inclination, you can switch into still-shooting mode, giving you full 12-megapixel pictures at 30 fps for two seconds. Exhausted by the possibilities yet? But wait, there's more. If slow motion's your game, you can fire away in 640 x 360 resolution -- at 300 fps -- for up to 2 hours. Now how much would you pay for such a plethora of pictorial options? Well, JVC's asking $900 when this ships later in October, so you've got some time to think about it.

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